Moray Wildlife Trust Course

Moray Speyside Renewable Energy Partnership were pleased to support the Moray Wildlife Trust recently with their two day Bushcraft course, held at Ballindalloch Estate over the 3rd and 4th August 2015.

Here Nell (14) who attended the course gives an insight into the two days.

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 Thank you for two amazing days!

Willow Lohr, Alan Linee and Zeki Basan were awesome teachers of bush-craft and survival over the two days. Our greenwood was truly wild and the trees sheltered us from the elements.

We learned some very useful bushcraft skills and we had the use of good knives to carry out our work.

 Some very beautiful products came out of our course such as a handmade wooden spoon, a flint wood stone-age knife, a hobo fishing rod and nettle cordage. The nettle cordage was very hard to make as we needed to pick the fresh nettles, strip them of leaves and peel off their skin. I had lots of nettle stings but I was very pleased with my cordage.

 Our hobo fishing rods were simple but I can see how they could work effectively. It is piece of wood forming the priest and handle with fishing line wrapped round the end and a hook with jelly to catch the fish. My brother and I have already practiced with ours at Torridon, on the west coast but the midgies meant we didn’t want to stand still for long!

 I had great fun, learned loads and met some new exciting people to pick nettles and dig for roots with. I hope this will happen again as I would love to learn more.

 Thank you Lynne and Dawn for organising this fab experience!